Investing with Equitize USA

Investing in other countries

Equitize USA offers the United States accredited investor community the opportunity to diversify their portfolios with international alternative investments.  Many of these companies are located in countries where overhead, labor and operating costs compete favorably in the global marketplace.

Companies that list their offerings on Equitize USA may offer investors common or preferred stock, notes, bonds and various other types of instruments. These investments are offered to US investors under Regulation D,  

Regulation D

The Regulation D “private placement” market adds $2 trillion per year for these private securities offerings. Most of these offerings are purchased by institutions and large investors.

A company selling its securities under Regulation D may offer in the US only to a class of investors that are deemed to be “accredited”. Offerings on the Equitize USA platform will be targeted at individuals, institutions, and households that qualify as accredited investors.  There are approximately 15 million accredited investors.

Any investor who wishes to invest in any offering listed on the Equitize USA platform will be required to undergo an accredited investor verification process before their investment is accepted.

All securities that are issued under Regulation D are speculative investments.

Once purchased your investment cannot be re-sold. No secondary market exists for these investments and purchasers should not expect that one may develop.  Investors should be able to bear the risk of loss of this investment if should occur.

Each offering is expected to disclose risks specific to the company and its business.

There are additional risks of investing outside the US

Each company will present risks specific to the country in which it operates. Its business may be affected by conditions in the local economy including labor or material shortages, local laws, and regulations.

Equitize USA encourages companies to present financial information in US dollars. Investors should know that accounting rules vary from country to country. Financial presentations may vary from the rules with which US investors may be familiar. Fluctuations in the value of the local currency may affect the operation of the business and the investment. 

The Different stages of your investment

Incomplete – You have begun the investment process but have not completed all of the steps to finalize your investment. Make sure that you click the green “Submit” button after clicking “Invest Now” on the campaign home page. Once you have submitted your investment, you will receive a confirmation email immediately following submission. If you elected to pay by wire, instructions will be emailed to you.

Submitted – You have successfully submitted your investment, and it is currently pending. It could be pending because the offering has not yet reached their minimum funding goal, the funds have not yet left reached the escrow account, or are still undergoing the necessary checks. If there is any problem with your investment, you will be notified by Equitize USA.

Cleared – Equitize USA has received your payment for your investment, and we have successfully verified all of the required investor checks. There is nothing else that you need to do at this time.

Invested – After the company has conducted a close on its offering, those investments that have cleared will be then moved to “Invested.” This means your funds have been disbursed to the company you have chosen to invest in, and you can no longer get a refund on your investment.