investment crowdfunding

Investment Crowdfunding Can Offer Better Investments Than Stockbrokers

Investment Crowdfunding Someone in the crowdfunding industry should put that sentence on a coffee mug and send me one. I have been writing about and working in investment crowdfunding for more than 3 years.  I find it interesting to watch this fledgling industry mature.  It is certainly attracting more and more new money every year and is past the point where it can be ignored by any company in search of investors. I have looked at a great many offerings on a great many crowdfunding platforms.  I read a lot to keep abreast of new offerings and industry developments. I…

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creative crowdfunding

Creative Crowdfunding

A mentor of mine used to refer to the process of preparing a securities offering for public investors as a “craft”. He would explain to me:“Before you can sit down and write the offering based on your clients’ specifications, you need to be able to see the offering through the eyes of the prospective investors.” Crowdfunding is creative finance.  Crowdfunding comes with endless possibilities for creating a variety of unique financing transactions. Each company sets the terms that they will offer to investors. Investors get to say “no thank you” to those terms if other investments are more appealing.   …

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How To Fail At Equity Crowdfunding

How to fail at Equity Crowdfunding covers mistakes made by many who think Crowdfunding is a walk in the park. Since the passing of Title III and Title IV of the JOBS Act, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are looking to equity crowdfunding as a viable and effective way of raising capital to turn their ideas into successful businesses. As with any form of soliciting money, there are right ways to go about it, and there are wrong ways. Even the greatest of ideas have the distinct possibility of failure despite the exciting and lucrative potential in the mind of…

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