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The Application Process

Let’s begin with the most frequently asked questions of all….

How much does it cost and what is involved during the application process?

Your application submission is chargeable at a rate of $499.

Upon receipt, our team will review your application and may request more detailed information from you. This is why it’s important to provide as much accurate and detailed information as possible at this early stage.

There can only be two outcomes from your application

  1. Your equity campaign listing is rejected.
  2. Your equity campaign is accepted.

If your listing is rejected.

You will receive a comprehensive report which will detail the problems we’ve discovered with your offer and supporting documentation, allowing you to come back to us at a later date and re-apply. After having corrected any identified issues, you are then welcome to re-apply. Upon receipt and acceptance, this $499 fee will be credited back to your “hosting fees” account or credited for any other service you purchase from us.

If your listing is accepted.

Congratulations! We look forward to working with you. Our team will be in touch to book and begin the onboarding process with you. The $499 application fee will be credited to either your “hosting fees” account or for any other services you choose to buy from us.

Hosting Fees = $2,999 /60 days or $3,499/90 days

You will need to host your offer (campaign) on our platform for a minimum of 60 days. Some may need to list for 90 days. It really depends how good your offer is structured and how well prepared you are with your campaign marketing.

Deep Dive – Strategy and Deal Structure = $7,499

Want to structure your offer as an irresistible one for investors?

Well this one’s for you!

Not only will you get access to our highly experienced Advisory Board and the very best of industry brains behind you, but they’ll strategize with you to help you structure your deal for maximum impact.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Just call us today to discuss this opportunity in more detail or just click here to send us a message.

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