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Equitize USA is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects International companies with US investors online. We are focused on building a unique platform for attracting high-net-worth individuals, family offices and venture capital firms. We provide unprecedented access to global investment opportunities for US investors and a path to the US capital market for emerging growth companies around the world. 


Adam Pressman
Chief Executive Officer

Adam Pressman is a business builder and transformation consultant who is challenging the orthodoxy in how people find, fund and perform work that changes their lives.

Adam helps businesses build self-sustaining teams and substantially grow their revenue by streamlining their strategy, process, and people. Adam has helped his clients make millions by knowing what needed to be done in order to accomplish their goals, whether this was through performance development, strategic processes, or whatever differentiating little bit was needed for success of the mission, product or project.

He is able to discern the critical mission requirements in order to achieve the desired result; effectively strategizing to create a tailor-made and success-driven process that helps the team achieve their goals.

While most college students wait tables or work retail to pay for or supplement their funds for school, Adam Pressman played in a rock and roll band during the summers in Southern California to build up savings for the school year. A classically trained musician, Adam, to this day, plays in bands in the DC area and writes music. His Broad Reach Music Group started while living aboard a sailboat on Chesapeake Bay.
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David Oldani
Chief Revenue Officer

David  Oldani has written and customized many sales training programs and is the author of a two thorough sales audits, “The Sellington Sales Audit” and “Sales Capture”.  Some of his past clients include Ford Motor Company, Merrill Lynch, the St. Louis Cardinals, FedEx, and Scottrade, as well as hundreds of small to medium sized companies.

In addition to working at several Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Oldani has owned and operated several of his own businesses including his own sales consulting company.

David was a competitive powerlifter for a number of years and broke the "unofficial" Missouri state bench press record in his division in two different weight classes in 2004 and 2005. Despite that his true passion is the game of basketball where not only is he an avid fan, but has been coaching youth basketball for many years.
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Jeffrey Brandon

Jeffrey Brandon has spent more than forty years helping bring financial services to investors, both retail and institutional, as well as helping companies raise investment capital. Jeffrey has held numerous Security Industry licenses.

He earned a B.A. in International Economics and Organic Chemistry from The Ohio State University/Wright State University.

From 1979-1999 Jeffrey was a manager and managing director of Advest Inc. During his tenure at Advest, he had six product and sales departments reporting to him including the branch system and the Executive Services Group. He was also a member of the Advest Inc. board of directors.

From 1999-2006 Jeffrey was a branch manager and corporate Vice President for Wedbush Morgan Securities in San Francisco. In this capacity, he participated in the due diligence efforts on private offerings, alternative investments, and cash management to name a few.

Since 2006 Mr. Brandon has worked as an executive vice-president for a succession of companies raising funds in the private equity markets and has served as an expert witness in securities arbitrations and court cases.

Up until a few years ago Jeffrey was an avid skier. He has skied numerous mountains in Vermont, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Nevada, Arizona, Italy and Switzerland. Yes, Arizona has a couple of ski resorts. Jeffrey skied every weekend during ski season and took a two week trip each year to ski in Colorado. At one point in his life he owned a ski shop one-hour north of Boston. The shop sold all the top brands of skis, boots, clothing, accessories, and provided full service equipment maintenance. One advantage of being a shop owner was that many of the mountains allowed shop owners and family to ski for free or at sharply reduced rates.
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Bill Joyce

Bill Joyce is a visionary and crowdfunding pioneer.

His accounting, finance, and international banking background has served the industry well in both the banking and computer industries, where his primary focus was on organizational development and project management. Mr. Joyce remains very engaged in the development of team solutions for small and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Bill Joyce is the founder of CrowdFund Roundup and Vision Management. He is often sought out for insight by crowdfunding leaders because of his progressive thinking and his vision for start-up businesses because of his three decades experience in banking and management consulting.

While Bill kept it hidden behind pen names for many years, he is a writer of prose, a poet in his own mind, and a self-proclaimed master of words.Long-windedness is due to the personal enjoyment of his inside jokes, most of which fall on deaf ears. Today he proudly proclaims that to write is to share love with generations to come.
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Irwin Stein

Irwin Stein has conducted due diligence investigations working with top-tier law firms, accountants and investment bankers preparing public and private offerings.

Irwin earned a B.A. from Rutgers University in American Economic History and a JD from the New York Law School. He has been a member of the New York bar since 1975 and was trained and licensed in all aspects of financial services industry operations as an in-house attorney for Paine Webber Jackson and Curtis, Inc. and EF Hutton & Company.

From 1979-1987 he engaged in the private practice of law, representing financial industry firms, companies seeking capital and professional traders and investors. In 1988-89

Irwin Stein served as General Counsel of a real estate firm which operated multi-family housing units and assisted-living facilities worth $1.5 billion in 23 states. During his tenure, he supervised 2 public and 5 private securities offerings.

For ten years beginning in 1990, Mr. Stein taught Economics, Law and Economics, Finance and related courses, as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, to business school students at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He was a member of the faculty budget committee for 5 years, serving one year as its chairperson. At the same time, he became active as an expert witness, helping litigants to dissect securities offerings that had failed.

He has qualified and testified as an expert witness more than 100 times. From 2001-2014 Mr. Stein was a full-time advocate representing hundreds of investors who had lost their money in the 2001 tech wreck and 2008 financial meltdown.

"Sorry but my therapist has a copywrite on most of my best stuff"
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Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is a Commercial Real Estate & FinTech professional with more than 15 years experience at an executive management level including CEO of a public REIT.

An accomplished leader with an MBA specializing in venture creation, generating new revenue streams, innovative thinking in conceptualizing and developing real estate and other high-growth projects with over $300M of capital (debt & equity) raised through financial institutions & our online investment platforms / marketplaces.

Founder of Pledge-a-Portion, a disruptive charitable fundraiser, non-profit and public benefit organization in South Africa & US.

Currently CEO of Capital Engine™ a fast-growing financial technology company, providing investment professionals & advisors (1031 exchanges, private banks, wealth managers, broker dealers, sponsors, family office, RIAs, GP/LPs, syndications & real estate funds) with customized SaaS solutions to power private label capital markets (investment platforms, online marketplaces and trading exchanges), with a strong focus on investor management services. Watch their video: https://vimeo.com/221997049

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Shane Liddell

Shane Liddell entered the exciting world of crowdfunding early in 2012, before anyone really knew what it was. Since then, he has rapidly become one of the top influencers and thought leaders in the crowdfunding space. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO, whose knowledge and expertise of crowdfunding has allowed him to deliver campaigns for entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and filmmakers across the globe.

Shane previously served as the Executive Director of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA), personally attended the SEC Advisory Committee in Washington DC in the early days of crowdfunding, and believes in staying on top of all things crowdfunding. He has provided support and guidance to over 1,000 crowdfunders, helping them raise millions with his strategic campaign development, consulting and marketing and promotion services. He is a straight-shooter whose advice and guidance is sought out by crowdfunders everywhere.

He has spent the past couple of years deep-diving into the very latest in Marketing, Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NLP technologies, and during the process has built solid relationships with some of the leading marketing minds in the world.

Shane moved from the UK to Africa when he was 7 years old. He spent most of the early years of his life there living in Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. For the first time in almost 20 years, he finally returned to the UK during December 2000.
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